Production – Emphasis on product quality

During production and installation in accordance with ČSN EN ISO 9001, we look to continually increase the quality of our products to meet in full the ever higher requirements of our customers regarding tanks and silos. Tanks and silos are produced from hot-dip galvanised sheet in accordance with EN 10326and the surface is then treated with a special baked on coating. Individual coatings vary according to the storage conditions which the product is designed for. We offer a wide range of surface treatments and protection according to the aggressiveness of the material to be stored and according to aesthetic requirements. The addition of the surface treatment is automated and the highest quality is guaranteed.
The steel sheet is worked on a computer controlled machine according to the project documentation, which is created individually for each order. Detailed documentation is then drawn up for each order and the status of the order is monitored using a program specially created for this purpose. This program also minimises the human factor for large orders and complicated projects.