Slurry Tanks


KKL tanks for slurry storage are designed as bolted elevated tanks. The tank shell sheets are made of hot-dip galvanised sheets which are coated by a special baked-on coating resistant to the given material. Fasteners are hot-dip galvanised. The heads of the assembly bolts for the shell are coated with plastic. Steel sheets are sealed with silicone resistant to the given material.

Tanks are typically supplied with the following accessories:

  • inspection entrance 610 mm x 610 mm - hot-dip galvanised
  • ladder with fall protection - hot-dip galvanised
  • tank side platform
  • overflow pipe



The tank bottom:

  • waterproof concrete
  • PVC foil



Anchored tank shell:


  • anchoring using an anchoring angle on the concrete base of the tank
  • anchored via the starter rong

The concrete base under the tank is usually supplied by the customer.



Tank roof:


Slurry tanks can be fitted with an emission roof with a slope from the centre to the edge of the tank. The emission roof is made from PVC and stops the smell from spreading to the surrounding area and prevents rainwater from entering the tank.



Tank technology:


If required, we can supply technology for mixing, pumping and aerating the slurry. Specific technologies are selected according to the tank parameters and customer requirements.



The capacity series of standard tanks is listed in the tables.