Sprinkler Tanks

Technical Description



KKL sprinkler tanks are designed as bolted elevated tanks. The shell steel sheets of the tanks are made of hot-dip galvanised sheets with a baked-on coating. The paint colour is in RAL hues based on the customer’s requirements. Fasteners are hot-dip galvanised. The heads of bolts for the erection of the shell are coated with plastic. The steel sheets are sealed with silicone or polyurethane sealants.


Tanks are constructed in accordance with the FM Global standard, EN 12845, VdS, NFPA and various Eurocodes standards.



Tanks are typically supplied with the following accessories:


  • inspection entrance 610 mm x 610 mm - hot-dip galvanised
  • ladder with fall protection - hot-dip galvanised
  • ventilation heads - hot-dip galvanised
  • inspection roof opening - hot-dip galvanised
  • heating units
  • overflow pipe
  • drainage discharge
  • inner tank platform



The tank bottom includes:


  • waterproof concrete
  • PVC foil
  • bolted steel bottom



The tank shell anchoring:


  • anchored with a starter ring
  • anchored to the concrete tank foundation with anchoring angle beams


The concrete foundation under the tanks is usually delivered by the client.



On request, tanks can be insulated with an external thermal insulation:


  • made of mineral wool (thickness as required) + trapezoidal steel sheet in RAL hues


Tanks can also be designed in atypical shapes such as oval, rectangular, square or any shape according to client´s requirements.



The capacity series of standard tanks is listed in the tables.



Various product designs can be seen in our photo gallery.