Biogas Station Tanks



KKL Biogas Station Tanks  are designed as bolted elevated tanks. The tank shell sheets are made of hot-dip galvanised sheets which are coated by a special baked-on coating resistant to the given material. Fasteners are hot-dip galvanised. The heads of the assembly bolts for the shell are coated with plastic. Steel sheets are sealed with silicone resistant to the given material.



Tanks are typically supplied with the following accessories:



  • inspection entrance 610 mm x 610 mm - hot-dip galvanised
  • based on an agreement with the customer, the tank can be additionally fitted with a ladder, platform and nozzles



The tank bottom includes:


  • waterproof concrete



Anchored tank shell:


  • anchoring using an anchoring angle on the concrete base of the tank
  • anchored via the starter ring


The concrete base under the tank is usually supplied by the customer.



Tank roof:


A fixed steel roof can be fitted to the biogas tanks, which are a standard part of the tanks we supply. Another option is a roof from a double PVC membrane. The external layer provides protection against the climatic conditions and the internal membrane moves according to the volume of biogas to store the biogas.



Tank technology:


Tanks can be fitted with a mixing mechanism with a vertical rotation axis with the mixer fitted in the centre of the fixed roof. An alternative are movable mixers on pillars or other types which can be covered by a PVC roof.
Tanks can also be fitted with viewing openings, assembly openings for the mixer, safety valves, etc.



The capacity series of standard tanks is listed in the tables.


Various product designs can be seen in our photo gallery.